wir sind die jäger
alexandra, 22, nottingham, uk.
❝You fail to recognize that it matters not what someone is born, but what they grow to be.❞
♥ please talk to me about gavin free, jamie lannister and eren jaeger

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Academy Award winning film, The King’s Speech.

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If you think reality is just living comfortable and following your own whims, can you seriously dare to call yourself a soldier?

flawless anime characters→ eren jaeger

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His sister sat in a puddle of wine, cradling her son’s body. Her gown was torn and stained, her face white as chalk.

The boy is gone, Cersei.

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this is amazing. 

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inspiration (x)

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all the cool cartoons have a senseless character cluster of an illustration, so here’s one for the achievement hunters’ minecraft lets play series!

please open it in a new tab to view fullsize!

And then the art style changed….

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